The Breedings Play Songs, Talk About Growing up Around Music With Nashville Time Machine [Fresh Tracks]



Remember that new site, Nashville Time Machine? The one that records local performers to tape and recently posted videos of Natalie Prass playing music and talking about LARPing? Well, as it turns out, they're planning on posting sessions every Sunday for the next several weeks, and this week's installment features Kentucky-bred, Nashville-based sibling duo The Breedings — not to be confused with Ohio-based, sibling-featuring indie-rock outfit The Breeders, obviously.

In addition to playing their tender, intimate acoustic ballads "Clays Ferry Bridge" and "Too Much a Dream" — which are singer-songwriterly numbers that take cues from the likes of The Civil Wars just as much as, say, Guy Clark or TVZ — The Breedings talk a little bit about their upbringing as a performer's kids. According to the sibs, Papa Breeding used to tie balloons to little Erin so he could keep track of her in the Lexington, Ky., venue where he performed, and if that's true, that's a pretty empirically adorable story. You can also see a handful of pictures of The Breedings as tots over on the NTM page.

Anyhow, doesn't look as though there's any footage to accompany this installment. But you can follow me below to hear both "Clays Ferry Bridge" and "Too Much a Dream" — each of which was recorded to tape via Magnecord — or head after the jump to hear The Breedings' childhood tales.


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