Oh Dang Lo Mein's 'Hajima' [Fresh Vid]



For months, I was compelled to find out more about local outfit Oh Dang Lo Mein based solely on the fact that their band name makes me chortle in spite of myself each time I read or hear it. As it turns out, ODLM is a sister-fronted outfit that happens to be a part of the whole Blacktooth gang, and their debut full-length — titled OMEN — will be out Jan. 26. (Also, if you like pictures of good-looking people, occasional Scene shutterbug Dabney Morris snapped some shots of the Lo Meinsters a while back.)

I happened to get a little sneak preview of OMEN when I was hanging around at By Lightning! frontman Joel "J. Dahl" McAnulty's home studio, Phantom Farmercy, a couple of months back. McAnulty recorded the album at the Farmercy*, and I have to say that the material is sprinkled with a little bit of everything in terms of influence: traditional gospel music, neo-soul and R&B (think Nick Waterhouse or Raphael Saadiq), Latin jazz, French pop (just a touch of Francoise Hardy, perhaps?), and true-blue American rock 'n' roll (from Chuck to Little Richard). All of that is just to say that I like it, and I think these Oh Dang gals (Lilly and Liz) are going places, I tell you. Sources tell me that the record may indeed be officially released (get this!) at Liz's wedding. All right, but don't get mad at me when I bust in Garth Brooks-style on everyone's asses. Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots, etc.

Anyway, watch Oh Dang Lo Mein's brand-new video for the tune "Hajima" above. It's got stop-motion and a dog with a number shaved into his side, and I dig it.

* Update: Little drummer boy Richard Harper tells me that OMEN was also partially recorded at Jeremy Ferguson's Battle Tapes.

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