Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Cashatt, Nu-Mark, DiscoFace, Ducko McFli x Trinidad James, Dispimpin]



What in the ever-loving-fuck is going on in this video? I would say that it's parody, but I know Cashatt and I know he's — believe it or not — really, actually, maybe kind of serious. Or not. It's funny but it's not a joke? Or the joke is on us? The joke is in us? What the hell is going on here? Cashatt's wearing a Taylor Swift shirt while washing dishes at a radiator repair shop on Nolensville Road and riding in limos with, um, ladies ... and there are sequins are everywhere and Brandon Jazz is wearing a windbreaker? Oh, and DJ Rate from The Boom Bap is just dancin' around like he's dry-humping the fourth wall. I'm going to be honest, folks: It's like some weird weed-nap alternate universe shit, and I'm not sure if I understand it. But that bass synth! That's some old-school, electro-funk shit that I can most definitely wrap my wigdome around. Eight thumbs up for that synth tone!

And now we move on to some heavy-duty party and bullshit. If that wasn't heavy enough for ya.

* World's Greatest Rubber Band Player, DJ Nu-Mark is playing The Boom Bap. It's the venerable hip-hop monthly's fifth anniversary, and that's how those dudes party. But you know this.

* Hey, D-Pat Rockya, ya done good! I would have said something along the lines of "Jurassic 5 through post-Dilla lens" but "smart, tuneful and textured" works too.

* Current events time! Did you see Django Unchained? It was awesome. Not Jackie Brown-level awesome, but awesome nonetheless. My big complaint is the use of the N-word: It was excessive, and it took me out of the story a little more every time they used it. Not because I'm offended by it, but because, well, I'm a white rap critic prone to over-thinking semiotics especially in regards to race and class. That said, I know some really smart people who use the word all the time and some really dumb people who use it a lot too; I know a lot of smart people who don't use it and plenty of dumb people who don't use it either. I've never been able to come up with hard, fast rules about its use, I just try not to use it myself unless it's a direct quote. That said, I've been chanting the chorus to this new song from hometown favorite Ducko McFli and MC-of-the-moment Trinidad James in my head all week. If I accidentally start chanting it out loud and you're within ear shot and it offends you, I apologize. In advance. It's a damn catchy song, all socio-political arguments aside. Also, Samuel L. Jackson should be up for best supporting actor. And The Man With the Iron Fists got snubbed too? Fuck the Oscars.

Oh, and Ducko is going to be at Limelight on Friday, Jan. 17, opening for Curren$y with Dee Goodz.

* OK, let's close out this week with some positive vibes. This new self-produced track by Dispimpin is all sweet strings and buttery harmonies slathered in tasty harmonies. This is the right way to start the weekend. Peace out, P&Bers.

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