The Week in Fresh Tracks [Joey Kneiser, Forget Cassettes, Megajoos, DiscoFace, Bedroom]



Happy Monday. Looks like some folks stayed pretty busy over the holiday season, seeing as how we at the Cream returned in a new year to find a healthy little pile of fresh tracks to share with you. Follow me below to hear: some heartstring-plucking ballads from Glossary frontman Joey Kneiser; the latest dose of dark electro-rock from Beth Cameron's Forget Cassettes; some sludgy metal from Megajoos; a slab of solid underground hip-hop from DiscoFace; and a bit of dreamy, lo-fi pop from Bedroom. Visit past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you've got something for us, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Joey Kneiser, Moonlight for the Graveyard Heart

Glossary frontman Joey Kneiser certainly has a gift for presenting personal, lovelorn and world-weary Southern tunes that aren't a straight-up fuckin' downer. “I wanted something that felt dark without being macabre,” says Kneiser in a bio. And that's exactly what he's created with his new five-song EP, Moonlight for the Graveyard Heart, out now via This Is American Music. Like a Southern-fried Randy Newman, Kneiser is a storyteller and a pop balladeer — though his instrumentation and presentation are very much of a classic, Americana-slash-Southern rock ilk, these tunes are all just traditional pop numbers for the heartbroken. Stream Moonlight for the Graveyard Heart above or at This Is American Music's Soundcloud page, where you can also purchase it for $4. Oh, and by the way, Glossary is kicking off an extensive string of tour dates tomorrow in Little Rock, and you can see the full schedule here. Tour brings 'em back home to The Stone Fox on Feb. 15.

Forget Cassettes, O Cursa III

As previously noted, Beth Cameron and her Forget Cassettes had this plan — a plan to release their LP O Cursa in three parts. Well, hey, mission accomplished. First came I, then II, and now III. The O Cursa LP is due out on vinyl before long, but now that you can listen to all three installments, I'll go ahead and repeat my note that these songs "mesh industrial trip-hop with darkly tuneful pop that will linger like a specter at the back of your brain." For me, the standout in this collection is "Catie, Age 20" — though I enjoy the three-track "Catie" arc altogether. Very much recommended for fans of Portishead, Bjork, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Depeche Mode. Stream O Cursa III above or download it for $4 at Forget Cassettes' Bandcamp page.

Megajoos, Screen Door Sessions and "Salads and Greens"

A couple months back, stoner-y sludge-metal duo Megajoos released a pretty solid split with fellow rock 'n' rollers and silly-name-havers Penicillin Baby. The Joos are back with a four-song EP called Screen Door Sessions — recorded, of course, at local studio Screen Door. It's tongue-in-cheek and loud and busy and weird, like ... I don't know, a drunken collaboration between Gibby Haynes and Lightning Bolt or something. There's even a KISS cover in there. Stream it above or buy it for any price you like at Megajoos' Bandcamp page. You can also hear their new tune "Salads and Greens" here.

DiscoFace, Boogie Nights II

Backpacker/underground hip-hop is definitely more in contributor Sean L. Maloney's wheelhouse than mine — and perhaps we'll see DiscoFace turn up in his weekly Party & Bullsh*t column sometime soon. But Disco's P.T. Anderson-referencing album title and art work caught my eye — and Boogie Nights II's soul-sampling grooves and smooth, easy flows caught my ear. Again, perhaps I ought leave the expert analysis to in-house rap guy Maloney, but I — as a dude who leans toward contemporary hip-hop artists like Ghostface, U-God and Kool G Rap — will say that Boogie Nights II is smart, tuneful and textured in a way that certainly isn't disappointing me. Stream it above or download the whole thing for free at DiscoFace's Bandcamp page.

Bedroom, "In My Head"

A few months ago, we told you about Noah Kittinger's lo-fi dream-pop project Bedroom. Kittinger has just released another Bedroom single, "In My Head," which most definitely sounds like it was composed while Kittinger was spending some time in his bedroom and in his head. "Head" has a sort of post-punk urgency to it, but at times, it also has the hazy instrumentation and production of contemporary outfits like Washed Out, Youth Lagoon or Beach House. Stream it above or purchase it for any price you like at Bedroom's Bandcamp page.

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