Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Curren$y, Dee Goodz, Last of the Horsemen, Krome Jizzle]



Hey everybody! Long time no see! Everybody have a good holiday? Good, good to hear. Did you hear that Curren$y — yes the Fly Spitta himself, the author of 2012's most blizzed beat collection The Stoned Immaculate — is coming back to town on Jan. 17? He's bringing his buttery stoner funk to Limelight with P&B mainstays Dee Goodz and Ducko McFli — that's a pretty dope (badumpcha!) way to kick off the 2013 concert season. Dee has an excellent new record out with The Kickdrums, which should make for some killer live performances. And Curren$y always kills it, as you know because you caught him when he dropped into Phatkaps, way before he had a record deal. Anyway, you can get tickets at Phatkaps or at this link, as the Limelight website is mysteriously 404'd.

Now, for your first dose of Party & Bullsh*t, 2013 stylee.

* Speaking of new Goodz, The Higher EP that he and The Kickdrums put out a few weeks back is a swirling slab of indie psych that, frankly, caught me off guard. The Higher swerves between classic hip-hop vibes, contemporary EDM flourishes and the deep soul and psychedelic explorations that laid the foundations for both. It's a bold move and a good look.

* Last of the Horsemen, who were conspicuously off the radar for hot minute there, are back with their new album God Must Hate Us. It's another album of tight, adventurous beats and malingering rhymes that make no qualms about the Horsemen's misanthropy and are all the more fun for it. Featuring guest appearances from local faves Bobby Exodus, Spoken Nerd and The Blackheart, God Must Hate Us is a funky, freaky journey into the crusty, clever side of underground hip-hop.

* This dude's rap name is Krome Jizzle. I find that endlessly hilarious, and I can't stop typing it. Krome Jizzle. Krome Jizzle. The song's OK, but I can't understand why he's "swimming in cheese" but can't afford a decent video camera.

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