Jonny Fritz's VHSessions With Andrew Combs and Joshua Hedley; Wild Cub's 'Thunder Clatter' Featured in Jonathan Britnell's Short Film [Vidsy Bits]



* Local song-singin' joker-with-a-heart-of-gold and renaissance man Jonny "The Artist Formerly Known as Corndawg" Fritz apparently has an old VHS camcorder, and that's definitely good news for us. He's started posting videos in a series called "VHSessions" on his YouTube channel, wherein he commits performances from himself and his pals to VHS cassette. There's Fritz and his band's performance of the tune "Fever Dreams" at Mercy Lounge back in October (see it above), as well as Andrew Combs playing his "Part Time Lovers (Full Time Fools)" and familiar fiddlin' sideman Joshua "Ol' Hed" Hedley playing his "Weird Thought Thinker." See the latter two after the jump. Hard to believe that VHS fidelity was considered state of the art only a couple of decades ago, but definitely fun to watch now. Also, strong performances all around. Dig it.

* Yes, local electro-pop outfit Wild Cub already unleashed an official video for their song "Thunder Clatter." But that didn't feature 366 one-second shots filmed a day at a time over the course of a year. Austin's Jonathan Britnell made a short film — appropriately titled "2012. 366 days. 366 seconds." — that features not only 366 one-second shots filmed over the course of 2012, but also the tune "Thunder Clatter." Huffington Post digs the short, and they called the song "infectious." Check the film after the jump — it features flowers and a puppy and all sorts of stuff. As for Britnell, he says he is "definitely not doing this again!"

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