Christmas Party & Bullsh*t: This Holiday in Nashville Hip-Hop [Gummy Soul, Kaby, Fistikuffs, Wick-it, G.E.D. Soul]



Hey look, the Internet gave me a present! It's a video of "Cats dressed as Elves hip-hop dancing"! Sure, it's some weird interactive marketing campaign for a national office supply chain, but it's still fucking weird — and you guys know I love weird shit that's tangentially related to Nashville hip-hop. Also, I'm one blog post away from vacation, so I'm in a much better mood than usual. Woo-hoo, vacation! I plan on doing absolutely jack shit — it's gonna be awesome. But yeah, one of those cats in that video is named Nashville, and that's about as much of a connection as I need today. Merry Holidays everybody!

And now for your annual dose of Christmas Party & Bullshit ...

* Gummy Soul is poppin' bottles by the fire on this new mix — keepin' it classy, keepin' it sassy. This mix should come gift-wrapped with a box of jimmy hats.

* "I'm talkin' Toys for Tots, now that's stuntin'." While I fall on the "Paul McCartney is THE WORST" side of the "Wonderful Christmas Time" argument — and it shows up twice in this column! — I do like what Kaby has done with the tune. It's also nice to see Kaby in a cheerful mood — the dude makes some angry records, but he's downright cuddly on this one.

* "We said Christmas six times, so this shit's clear." Fistikuffs knows how to write a Christmas song. Ribald punch lines over an almost CCM-esque beat makes for some grade-A holiday hilarity.

* This guy! Downloaded it for local MCs Iller and Fyutch ripping "The Grinch" a new one.

* Yeah, I know I posted this last year, but I bought the vinyl this year, and I've been listening to the hell out of it. I suggest you do the same.

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