Rolling Stoned: Eight Weed-Related Quotes From Turbo Fruits' Profile in High Times


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Before proceeding, please note the time at which this post was published.

Way, way back in the sun-kissed days of summer, we told you that local road-doggin' rock 'n' rollers Turbo Fruits would appear in an upcoming issue of high-profile all-things-cannabis publication High Times. Well, behold! The Fruits have graced the pages of the mag's February 2013 issue — which is on stands now, in a rare showing of stoners preparing something way early. Fruits drummer Matt Hearn was kind enough to send along the above picture, which you can also view as a PDF.

In the feature, Fruits frontman Jonas Stein details a 2008 encounter with the Canadian Border Services, reveals the location of his band's road stash, and talks a bit about the role that The Green Lady played in recording this year's critically acclaimed, Jim Eno-produced full-length, Butter. Now, follow me after the jump to find eight totally choice quotes Stein gave HT in relation to his band's relationship with Mary Jane. Legalize it!

“You little fucker.”
What Stein says a Canadian Border Services agent said upon finding his band's stash. The band (and this is, I believe, two lineups ago) didn't mean to go to Canada — they were en route to Detroit to appear in Drew Barrymore's Whip It. Hey, at least they weren't driving while on whippits, am I right? Also, Stein is many things — sure, maybe even a fucker — but he's not a little fucker.

“I have nothing up my ass!”
Stein to the border agent after being told he would be strip-searched.

“He told me to lift my boys and spread my ass cheeks and all that.”
Stein on the particulars of being strip-searched.

“ … idiot border-patrol shithead Canadians … ”
No explanation necessary.

“Not so into the one-hit-wonder ticket to hell.”
Stein on hash oil (or “dabs”), which has become popular among the medical marijuana movement.

“It’s good to smoke before multiple takes. You last a whole lot longer.”
Stein on smoking pot while recording, though I imagine this philosophy could be applied to more activities than simply tracking a record.

“Weed keeps us sane on tour.”
Stein on weed keeping his band sane on tour.

“We never travel with anything illegal over the border. Ever.”
Probably a pretty smart quote to end on. Maybe he was advised to throw that in there by his lawyer. Or his dad, who's a show-biz vet. Anyway, he'd already told the pub where he keeps his on-tour greenery, so I suppose highlighting that he isn't an international drug-smuggler is a good move.


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