Gravy Style's Holiday Edition 8 off 8th Tonight at The High Watt



Mercy Lounge/The High Watt's 8 off 8ths come along nearly every Monday, but it isn't every Monday you see a humdinger of a lineup like this one — and with a holiday theme to boot! Netroversy-mongering Cream/Scene contributor and Gay Vibes frontman Seth Graves put together a bill full of Cream faves for tonight's free 8 off 8th at The High Watt, and Adam Gold wrote a pick on it for us. Commence to readin':

Ahh, 8 off 8th — a Nashville tradition. Eight bands. Three songs. One club. Tonight’s Holiday Edition installment of Mercy Lounge’s long-running Monday night talent showcase is curated by Scene contributor and rockin’ roustabout-about-town Seth Graves. From the scuzzy, by-pant-seat punk of Graves’ Gay Vibes and the confrontational art brut of The Maloneys, to Nikki Lane and Courtney Jaye’s fleshed-out pop, Lylas' funeral folk and the quirkfest trifecta of Birdcloud, Quichenight and Ri¢hie, tonight’s bill boasts about as varied a lineup of left-field-hailing local rock as you could ask for — and yet, oddly, one that roundly represents Nashville in 2012. It’s also free! —ADAM GOLD

They'll be doing the open-mic comedy thing next door at Mercy Lounge at 8 p.m. (also free!), and the 8 off 8th has a Facebook event page, in case you're the type who RSVPs for this sort of thing. Deck the halls, you beautiful bastards.

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