Watch Four Songs From Moon Taxi's Bonnaroo Set; Also Watch Them Answer Fan Questions in Silly Fashion



Local jammy progsters — or proggy jamsters, whichever you prefer — Moon Taxi played an opening-night set before a teeming sea of 'Roosters at Bonnaroo's That Tent this year. Honestly though, the crowd was surprisingly massive. If you were present and would like to relive your serotonin-addled experience, or if you weren't there and want to see what you missed, or if you don't like Moon Taxi but are feeling masochistic — or for whatever damn reason you feel like watching YouTube clips, what business is it of mine? — you can watch a big chunk of MT's set courtesy of Bonnaroo365. See some high-quality footage of the band performing "Mercury," "Gunflower," "All the Rage" and "Cabaret" in the playlist embedded above.

Also, because Moon Taxi is apparently made up of a slew of silly so-and-sos, they responded to a series of fan questions with a drolls-and-LOLs-style video that you can see after the jump. When will their next record be out? What kind of cereal do they like? What else are they into? What do they look like when they're pretending to poop at 4 a.m.? The answers to all those questions await you after the jump. Shits and gigs, am I right? I mean literally, shits and gigs. Like, they played a gig and now there's a video where one of them is pretending to shit. You feel me.

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