Reignwolf w/Mystery Twins and The Electric Hearts Tonight at The Stone Fox



What kind of guy brings a fog machine to a radio station? Why, a dude with an electric mandolin and a flair for theatrics, obviously. Seattle's Jordan Cook (aka Reignwolf) will perform tonight at The Stone Fox. Contributor Stephen "Goose" Trageser filed a Critic's Pick on it for us, and this is exactly how it goes:

Hundreds of solo and duo acts have emerged in the wake of The White Stripes’ minimalist blues revival, with varying degrees of talent and mettle. One who cuts through the noise is Jordan Cook, a Seattle native by way of Canada, better known as Reignwolf. The conviction in Cook’s voice makes it clear he’s done his homework, voraciously consuming blues interpretations from Son House to Muddy Waters to Howlin’ Wolf and back. Armed with a bass drum and guitar tone that makes babies at distances of up to 50 feet, Reignwolf faces outward from a Mascis-esque fort of amplifiers, daring the age-old demons of raw deals and soured love to come on out and get their asses kicked. At this special show, not included on his tour itinerary, the ’Wolf is joined by equally anthemic local power-rock duo Mystery Twins, as well as soul-steeped locals The Electric Hearts (who’ve prepped a promo video for the event that would make Ingmar Bergman sleep with the lights on). —STEPHEN TRAGESER

See the Electric Hearts promo of which Goose speaks after the jump. Tonight's show kicks off at 9 p.m. and will only run you five bones. Also — if you'd like to prep on all fronts — go ahead and download Mystery Twins' Love Is Strange EP for free at this link.

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