Spurgeon's General Warning: Nostalgia



It’s that time of year, the best time of year! With Christmas and the holidays, not only do you find yourself surrounded by the death of nature, you also often end up in childhood haunts. Gray surroundings coupled with forced interaction with cousins very often leads to a condition known as nostalgia, and I am a big believer in getting Don Draper about it. As for me, my most acute and painful nostalgic twinges come from old TV and VHS bumpers. What a surprise.

A CBS Special Presentation

This appears multiple times in assorted VHS recordings I grew up with, including the one I’m watching now, which is all Christmas shows. It’s since been transferred to DVD, but the sweet comfort of VHS crappiness is still there.

HBO Intro

The video says this is from 1983, but I know it went on well into the '90s, because my family did not get HBO until the '90s. The best part is when you fly into the “O.”

Walt Disney Classics, Assorted

I’d always wondered how, exactly, a kid raised in Rural County, Tennessee, like myself ended up with an Anglophile bent. It only occurred to me in adulthood that steady viewing of Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Sword in the Stone, 101 Dalmatians and Robin Hood may have had something to do with it.

Nick at Nite, Assorted

I was the weird kid who watched way more Nick at Nite than Nickelodeon. Again, what a surprise. Everyone at school wanted to talk about Hey, Dude, but that show sucked and I knew way more about Dragnet. Fun kid!

Are you too old to care about the above examples, or too young? What is your favorite thing Don Draper ever said? Which TV shows, music or films make you feel unbearably sad about the passage of time and our unceasing march toward a cruel, inevitable death? Where are you spending the holidays? Do you legit love Christmas, because I actually do!

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