Nerd Alert: Jonathan Coulton w/John Roderick Tonight at 3rd & Lindsley


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Any intimidation-utilizing, nerd-pummeling, mid-'80s-style bullies in the house? If so, the myriad horn-rims and shirts that say "Frak" on them tonight at 3rd & Lindsley may indeed send you into Pummel Mode. But with as many fans as cult nerd hero and former software programmer Jonathan Coulton has garnered in the past half-decade, it looks as though the Dorkensteins might outnumber the Dr. Jock-topuses should a rumble go down. Anyway, why listen to me talk about it when it's Lance "The Nerd" Conzett's beat? He wrote a pick on it, and it gallops nerdily along thusly:

n 2010, prolific singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton made more than half-a-million dollars by writing and performing acoustic ballads about zombies, the inner turmoil of a Web developer and misunderstood mad scientists in love. And much to the horror of the music industry, he did it without any help from a record label. Coulton’s career thrives on a kind of hyperconnectivity with his fans — the sort of nerds who don’t often hear their voices in pop music — that only the Internet can provide. Coulton’s songs are simple, but they speak to the heart of what it means to be kind of a dweeb — not in broad strokes of pop-culture obsessions, but in the social unease and awkwardness of being an outsider. Coulton, who previously played Nashville in other geek-friendly pursuits like opening for They Might Be Giants and a Rifftrax Live screening, goes solo for his gig at 3rd & Lindsley, performing tunes from his newly released Christmas record and more, targeted straight for the hearts of the pocket-protector brigade. —LANCE CONZETT

If that dorky-ass Yuletide spoof of a song up there isn't enough for you, you can also watch Coulton performing a song about "doing science" with Sara from Tegan and Sara after the jump. Tonight's show kicks off at 8 p.m. (doors at 6), and it'll run you $20 — which seems a little expensive, but nerds are known for their expendable income, I suppose.


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