Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Two Fresh x Ziggurat, Rude Awakening, Ducko McFli x Dee Goodz]


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Aloha, Party-and-Bullshitters! How was you holiday? Trample anyone at the mall? Neither did I; it was kind of a dull weekend. Ah well, you can't win them all. I'm going to warn you now, it's sort of a slow, weird news week here at P&B — I mean this happened, and it's sorta Nashville hip-hoppy — so don't be surprised if this column degenerates into chaos by the time it hits the comments section. And what better way to kick off a trip to the heart of weirdness than with our boys The Purple Monk and Miyagi? The Ziggurat MCs' Scrabble-dictionary-in-outer-space flow over a buttery, post-bossa beat from Asheville production duo Two Fresh, with crisp sushi-and-Hennessy visuals by Coffer: "Aloha" is basically the only way to say hello to the weekend, Party & Bullsh*t style. Also, Miyagi is rocking a "Cream Team" basketball jersey in the video.

All right, we set the controls for the heart of party and bullshit after the jump ...

* OK, who knows anything about this? Somebody posted it on Facebook, I bookmarked it, and I forgot who posted it. Somebody tell me something other than the fact they're from my neighborhood. I figured that one out on my own. (They name-drop the zip code.) The beat on this track is some gnarly, meaty, menacing G-funk.

* And speaking of gnarly, menacing beats and Southside shout-outs, Ducko and Dee Goodz rampage on the new "We Wit It," the first single from Ducko's next record Road to Forever. I'd like to imagine that this is the track the alien invaders will be bumping as they obliterate human civilization on Dec. 21.

* This is really weird and really awkward, yet tangentially related to the concept of Nashville hip-hop and the narrative over the course of writing this column. But mostly it's just weird and awkward.

* But not as weird and awkward as this! Dear alien overlord, some people just don't need a webcam.

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