Dolly Dominates Digital Domain in Support of Dream More [Dolly Parton Round-Up]



Inimitable country-music icon, indefatigable business mogul, prolific songwriter, platinum-selling platinum blonde, philanthropist and — we should all be proud to say — longtime Nashvillian (48 years now) Dolly Parton has a brand-new memoir by the name of Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You. She's been doing a bit of press — like, all of the press — in support of her book, addressing matters including her long-rumored sexuality, entering a drag contest, making money, not making excuses, picking a lady of the night as her style icon and more. I've done some of the legwork for you in rounding up the most choice interviews the bombshell has dropped in her media-blitz week. This will have to do until I one day land an interview with Dolly herself — I sat in her bathtub once when I was a toddler (true story), but that's the closest I've ever gotten. Have a look:

* In just about every one of her interviews this week, you'll find Parton addressing long-running rumors that she has a romantic relationship with her best buddy Judy Ogle. Spoiler: She doesn't. But she is extremely supportive of the gay and lesbian community. Hear Dolly's interview with the excellent Tom Ashbrook of On Point:

* "If there's something you need to do, want to do, can afford to do and got the nerve to do, I think you should do it if it's gonna make you feel better about yourself." Above you'll see Parton chatting with Juju Chang of ABC's Nightline about her "girls" (i.e., breasts) as well as entering (and losing) a drag contest as herself. Oh, and she plays the first song she ever wrote, which is adorable.

* "I try to care about other people’s needs and their opinion they have of themselves and I try to be accepting," Dolly tells Forbes in this interview. "Everybody doesn’t want to look like me but everybody wants to be a certain way, everybody wants to look a certain way according to how they’re comfortable."

* "It's just a simple little book," Parton tells Reuters in regard to Dream More. "It's not meant to save the world, or it's not a complete book of how to be successful, but I think there is enough stuff in it for people to see kinda how I conduct my business and kinda what my thoughts are. And the good part is that all the money, if it sells good, goes to Imagination Library." Dolly's Imagination Library has donated over 40 million books to kids worldwide.

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