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In case you haven’t noticed, Mai (discothèque) recently closed its doors. A ritzy, fake-L.A.-style nightclub called Anthem — which, as you can see from pics below (via Facebook), is currently under construction — is set to move into the shuttered discothèque’s prime Gulch location.

So, the fuck’s the deal with Anthem? Weeeell, according to a press release sent the Scene’s way yesterday, the 12th & Porter-adjacent haunt will be a 1,000-capacity live music space, complete with a full kitchen, a 400-capacity VIP balcony and a “boutique dive bar” called Revelry. No word yet on what kind of music the new venue will host. However, the release’s promises of “upscale experience[s]” and “Vegas-style dress code,” coupled with the fact that the establishment is co-owned by London Parfitt and Austin Ratcliff (aka The Status Group, aka overseers of such swishy swanky spots as Whiskey Kitchen, Virago, Kayne Prime and Lime), suggests that Anal Cunt and The Murder Junkies’ names won’t grace the Anthem marquee any time soon.

“We are going to be a club that offers live music, and we are going to stay open late once that live music ends so that we can cater to mature crowds that want a place to go, to move and to feel sexy,” the release quotes Parfitt as saying. Coincidentally, that’s exactly how Scene music editor D. Patrick Rodgers’ Mawmaw describes her weekly bridge game at the Gallatin Rotary Club.

One thing the RC doesn’t have is former Lime, Radius10 and Whiskey Kitchen chef Chad Combs, who will serve up a “global menu highlighted by Southern chic food." To settle stomachs, the club will boast some bitchin’ subwoofers under the platforms and seating areas in the modern theater space “so that guests can literally feel the music,” which surely must be a better way to feel the music than cutting yourself with shards of promotional Uncle Kracker CDs, of which we have many here at Cream headquarters. Seriously, whoever keeps sending us those, if you’re reading this blog (which you clearly are not, seeing as how you think we might give a shit about an Uncle Kracker record), stop! You’re pissing away money on postage, and that’s bad business.

Very important Nashvillians will be thrilled to know that, according to Ratliff, the club is “looking forward to sharing the space with guests, and of course, we will have a massive VIP list, not only for the opening but for the duration of Anthem.”

Does Anthem sound like the Cat Bird Seat of music venues or what? Or will it be the Playboy Mansion of local performances halls? And who will play there? Perhaps The Long Players performing Lawrence Welk’s Apples and Bananas? Or maybe My So-Called Band performing MTV Unplugged: Tony Bennett? Find out at the club’s grand opening, which could happen as soon as New Year’s Eve if construction concludes on time. In the meantime, check out Anthem on Facebook.




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