War Memorial Auditorium's Attic Sessions Season 2 Episode 7, Feat. J.D. McPherson [Fresh Vid]



Trad-style rock 'n' roller J.D. McPherson ain't a Nashville boy — he's an Okie. But seeing as how he's at the center of what is likely my favorite of War Memorial Auditorium's Attic Sessions thus far, I reckon we can let that slide. After all, as McPherson himself says in the back half of the above vid, he's at least given some thought to moving to Music City. Hey, if the wife is keen on the idea, that's a pretty good sign. While you're at it, click on over to Rolling Stone, where you'll find an exclusive stream of McPhereson's "new jump-jivin', wintertime sing-along," "Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)."

Seriously though, J.D. Give Nashville some real thought. We'd be happy to have you.

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