Local Albums Already Showing up in Best-of-2012 Lists


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Best-Of Season seems to begin earlier and earlier each year. Not unlike Black Friday now commencing on Thanksgiving Day proper, blogs and pubs the world over have begun to scooch farther into autumnal territory when it comes to their Best Albums lists. Publications including Paste Magazine, Decibel, MOJO and more have already issued their annual lists, and a few Nashvillian artists are already popping up.

While no Nashville acts turned up in metal pub Decibel's Top 40 list, Brit-beloved former White Stripe Jack White and his solo debut Blunderbuss have already unsurprisingly appeared on both MOJO's year-end list (No. 1) and The Guardian's round-up (No. 29). MOJO also placed The Black Keys' El Camino at No. 6, even though it was released in late 2011. Paste Magazine's list is absolutely riddled with the LPs from Music City denizens: Todd Snider's Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables at No. 40; Dr. John's Locked Down (recorded here with the Keys' Dan Auerbach, even though Doc J. is a noted NOLA legend) at No. 38; Justin Townes Earle's Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now at No. 24; and White's Blunderbuss at No. 15. Non-locals with local connections Alabama Shakes (No. 6) and Sharon Van Etten (No. 5) also scored very well. While Pitchfork hasn't yet released a best-albums list in any official capacity, they do have a list that organizes this year's releases in order of their P4k ratings. But the first Nashvillian appearance on that list is Lambchop's Mr. M at No. 51, so obviously they don't quite have their shit together.

The albums lists will no doubt continue to trickle on down through the Net as we near 2013 — you can even expect to see the Scene's Top Local Albums of 2012 in our "Year in Music" issue (Dec. 6), as a matter of fact. So don't sweat it too hard if your favorite Nashvillian record of the year — like, say, JEFF's or PUJOL's or Natural Child's, Jessie Baylin's, Old Crow's, Jamey Johnson's, Andrew Combs', even Taylor Swift's — hasn't shown up yet. Also, whatever. They're just lists.


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