Mikky Ekko, 'Pull Me Down' [Fresh Vid + Fresh Track]



I detect a recurring theme with Nashvillian performer Mikky Ekko's music videos. I described Ekko's recent video for "Feels Like the End" as looking "like if the iTunes visualizer was shot deep under the ocean, only nicer." Well, as you can see above, Ekko's brand-new video for the tune "Pull Me Down" also features some psychedelic, hypnotic, fluid visuals — it's kind of halfway between the creation of the universe and the inner workings of a lava lamp, no? "Pull Me Down" was directed by Davy Evans and Hannah Temple.

The tune itself was written and produced with Clams Casino, the questionably named and hotly hyped electronic artist and producer also known as Michael Volpe. Like most of Ekko's material, the cut is a lush, gauzy, vocal-centric tune, and it premiered on Pitchfork a couple weeks back. "It's a delightfully weird sort of shock," says P4k writer Carrie Battan, "to hear a Clams co-production (Mikky pitched in too) on a song tailored to the Coldplay set." A shock indeed. Stream or download "Pull Me Down" via the Soundcloud embed below.

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