The Week in Fresh Tracks [Caitlin Rose, Echo Group, Forget Cassettes, Wild Cub, BF/GF Sex]



I am absolutely bowled over by this week's collection of fresh tracks. From highly anticipated leaked tracks to covers and new installments in ongoing projects, today we have a smorgasbord of eclectic, top-notch local tunage. Follow me below to hear new songs from jet-setting country chanteuse Caitlin Rose, indie-rock maestros Echo Group, electro-rock songstress Beth Cameron and her Forget Cassettes, electro-popsters Wild Cub, and lascivious pop outfit BF/GF Sex. Look back on past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you want to send some jams our way, drop a line to cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Caitlin Rose, "No One To Call"

As noted, local songstress Caitlin Rose will release her The Stand-In in the United States via ATO Records on March 5. Her UK label, Names, has leaked the lead-off track "No One To Call" via their Soundcloud page, and it's a heart-squeezing, up-tempo country-rock number with a champion of a sing-along chorus. We all know that Miss Rose's roots have been watered with more than a drop of Linda, Fleetwood, Patsy and Dusty influence, but thanks to the fine playing of band members like Jeremy Fetzer and Spencer Cullum Jr., I think you'll hear some good old rock 'n' roll in there as well. Stream "No One To Call" above or via Names' Soundcloud page.

Echo Group, Challtalk Record Collection III

Local indie rockers Echo Group have slowly but surely been revealing their Challtalk Record Collection in chunks (I and II), and here we have the third and final chunk. I'm sure that Echo Group is at least mildly annoyed by the fact that I quote myself each time I bring them up, but they do indeed make "a dreamy sort of pop-minded rock 'n' roll with big, brash vocal melodies that are flanked by lush guitars" and "Walkmen-like melodic ambition awash in spacious instrumentation." Worthy of your time if you dig very melodious rock 'n' roll with big horns, vocal melodies and verbed-out guitars. Stream it above, or download it for free via Echo Group's Bandcamp page.

Forget Cassettes, O Cursa II

Speaking of local rock 'n' rollers revealing their albums in three parts, here we have the second dose of Forget Cassettes' O Cursa (here's I). Unlike Echo Group's Challtalk, however, O Cursa II features aggressive, electronic-rooted rock. Like Karen O and Bjork on a mission to mesh industrial trip-hop with darkly tuneful pop that will linger like a specter at the back of your brain, O Cursa II is spooky and gorgeous. Stream it above, or buy it for $4 at Forget Cassettes' Bandcamp page.

Wild Cub, "Running (Jessie Ware Cover)"

Earlier this week, Blah Blah Blah Science was elated to reveal local electro-pop outfit Wild Cub's cover of the Jessie Ware tune "Running." I hadn't heard the original, but having familiarized myself with both versions, I have to say the Cubbies do it justice. It's got that smooth, synth-drenched, approaching-saccharine delivery frontman Keegan DeWitt & Co. love to coat their tunes in — quite the slick-and-sexy mood-setter, if you catch me. Hear that above or over at Blah Blah Blah.

BF/GF Sex, "Don't Care"

When I first heard BF/GF Sex's "Don't Care," I found the tune "earwormy" but wondered if the Sexters might soon beef up their production. Well, indeed they have. With this new take on "Don't Care," the duo has given their libidinous dance-pop a thorough reworking, complete with monstrous drums, a flurry of background whooping and some very fat low-end. If you're going to do the sexy dance-pop thing, do it big, am I right? Stream the latest take on "Don't Care" above or at BF/GF Sex's Soundcloud page.

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