Nashville Puts Out Call for Extras for Concert Scenes at Bridgestone Arena Nov. 20



Actor Charles Esten pictured with typical Nashville extras.
  • ABC
  • Actor Charles Esten pictured with typical 'Nashville' extras.
Good news for fans of ABC’s Nashville: The network has picked up the show for a full season, ordering another nine episodes (“the back nine,” in industry speak) to air through next spring. That means production of the show will continue locally into the New Year. For some of you that means jobs, added service and retail revenue and nine more Wednesday nights plopped in front of the tube taking note of continuity flaws as they pertain to local geography and such. For others it simply means more Southern-tinged shot-on-location-at-The 5 Spot soapiness to cynically scoff at.

Local Nashville fans wanting to join in on the fun get their chance next Tuesday, Nov. 20, at Bridgestone Arena. The show is looking for 500 or so “volunteer” (i.e., unpaid) extras to appear in “concert sequence scenes.” Think about it: If you’ve got a DVR, you’ll be able to freeze-frame on these concert scenes and play your very own personalized version of Where’s Waldo.

According to a press release:

During filming you will be asked to simply act naturally as you would in a real concert setting. During breaks in filming there will be an MC to let you know what is going on, entertain you and give away prizes. Simply bring a great attitude and get ready for loads of fun.

Participants must be 18 years old and over and able to stick around for the duration of the filming day — a day that will include giveaways and prizes in lieu of monetary compensation. Follow this link to sign yourself up.

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