King Tuff w/Gap Dream and Fletcher C. Johnson Tonight at The Stone Fox; Get in on the Cheap With Proof You Voted



If you haven't either voted or made up your mind to vote by now, then I'm not sure your local rock blog is going to change your mind in that respect. Still, just in case, here's this: Hey chumps, you should all vote! Aside from the tearful pride you'll feel after having fulfilled your civic duty, you'll also get some perks. Perks like, for instance, saving $2 on admission for tonight's King Tuff show at The Stone Fox. According to the Foxers themselves, cover for tonight's show is $7, or "$5 with proof of voting." Save your stickers!

King Tuffy was actually slated to play at The Stone Fox's grand opening back in July, but the show was moved to VFW Post 1970. As noted by The Spin, that was indeed one of the best shows of 2012 thus far. I wrote a pick in advance of that show, and while some of the details of the pick don't still apply, here's a little excerpt about how good KT's record is:

With an eponymous, completely outstanding new record to showcase, we’re betting Tuffy’s set will be one of the best rock ’n’ roll performances you’ll see all season. You see, 2009’s Was Dead was great, full of grooving, lo-fi, folk- and garage-powered jangling gems. But this year’s King Tuff is a powerhouse LP, complete with boogieing, catchy, riff-along party-time monsters like “Anthem” and “Stranger”; laidback Marc Bolan-meets-Bob Dylan, folk-fueled slow-burners like “Swamp of Love” and “Unusual World”; and unapologetic statements of rock ’n’ roll stonerdom like “Alone and Stoned” and “Baby Just Break the Rules.” —D. PATRICK RODGERS

Starts at 9 p.m., and the Fox folks promise that they'll be watching election returns when you get there.

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