The Week in Fresh Tracks [Faux Ferocious, Andrew Combs, DJ Wick-It, Quiet Entertainer]



Well, last week was something of a slow one in the Department of Fresh Tracks — perhaps everybody had their hands full awaiting the coming of the Great Pumpkin. Nevertheless, I managed to scrape together a little bit of good stuff. Follow me below to hear some lo-fi rockin' and rollin' from Faux Ferocious, a couple of tracks from local hip-hop/electronic wiz Wick-It the Instigator, trad-style troubadouring from Andrew Combs, and some more hype hip-hop and dance jams from Quiet Entertainer. Visit past weeks of fresh trackery here, and if you've got some new tunes of your own, drop us a line at cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Faux Ferocious, "Right on Track" and "Vicious Grin"

When I posted their "Striking Distance" video back in March, I noted that Faux Ferocious' "sloppy, lo-fi, pop-minded rock 'n' roll is pretty infectious, and precisely the sort of stuff I'd recommend for local fans of The Black Lips, Natural Child and the like." On second reading, I'd have to say that my ruling stands, and the Faux boys are back with a couple of new tunes to share. At three minutes even, "Right on Track" is an even-keeled, bluesy-groovin' dose of lo-fi rock 'n' roll. "Vicious Grin" is a little more urgent and a little more brief, but it's the same sort of few-fucks-given garage rock that the FF boys are slowly but surely making themselves known for. Listen to both tunes above or at Faux Ferocious' Soundcloud page.

Wick-It the Instigator, "Lightning Head" and "Feel Lit"

Wick-It is of course one of the biggest names — if not the biggest — in the local EDM/DJ scene. And while contributor Sean L. Maloney pretty regularly checks in with Wick-It in his Party & Bullsh*t column, I didn't want to let these two numbers slip by. The first, "Lightning Head," is a mash-up of Three 6 Mafia's "I'd Rather" and Metallica's "Ride the Lightning," and the subject matter is ... well, if you know anything about Triple 6, I'm confident that you can surmise what "Lightning Head" is about. "Feel Lit" is more of a drum 'n' bass, dubby club banger. Hear both above, or download them for free at Wick-It's Soundcloud page. If you dig the Instigator, stay hip to his SC page — the guy posts new, free tracks regularly.

Andrew Combs, Worried Man

It shouldn't come as news to loyal Creamsters that local wayfaring songster Andrew Combs released his Worried Man just last week — contributor Jewly Hight interviewed him, and we shared his appearance on Fox 17's Tennessee Mornings. Well, how's about actually giving the album a listen? Stream the whole thing above, or purchase it via Combs' Bandcamp page. Some fine performances in there.

Quiet Entertainer

Familiar hip-hop artist and local entertainer Quiet Entertainer recently concluded a tour with rockers Mutemath, and he's uploaded an approximation of his set over on Soundcloud. There's all sorts of stuff in there, from Tribe Called Quest, Beasties and DJ Kool numbers to originals and mash-ups. Some of those originals are from Quiet's EP, Dream Sequencer, which you can download for free. At just over 17 minutes, the set blends all sorts of styles and feels — I'm guessing it made for a solid opening set. Hear it above or on QE's Soundcloud page.

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