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Even if you hate the Scene's ever-bloggin' guts, you know that our annual Best of Nashville issue is something you just can't avoid in Music City. With both our readers' poll and our writers' choices, the Scene uses the BON issue as a means of highlighting the city's best and brightest — music food, art, politics, all of it — and this year's issue was our biggest to date. And, it appears, the folks at Impose Magazine were into it. Like, pretty into it.

Impose's Michelle Ciarrocca recently put together a piece that we're going to go ahead and file in the Department of Meta Things Being Meta. In her piece —¬†titled "The Best of Nashville's Best of Nashville" —¬†Ciarrocca tracked down some winners from the BON music section's writers' choices and readers' poll. She asked the winners about their favorites of the year, and the result is a veritable Nashville-on-Nashville smorgasbord of admiration. As it turns out, Moon Taxi likes The Features and Wick-It. JP Harris likes Sturgill Simpson and Sarah Gayle Meech. Adam Moult of Bad Cop and Matt Hearn of Turbo Fruits like Natural Child, Western Medicine, Useless Eaters, Majestico, JEFF the Brotherhood, PUJOL, Heavy Cream, D.Watusi and Fox Fun. The Features' Rollum Haas likes Grimey's and Halcyon, and "talented perv" Joshua Hedley likes to make out behind Dino's.

There's some more input in there from further Nashville denizens and kooky characters, not to mention Impose's own list of who Nashville should look out for in the coming months and years. Thanks for noticing us noticing Nashville, Impose. As for everyone else, check it out. Thus concludes Meta Corner.

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