Caption Contest: Black Moth Super Rainbow Ticket Giveaway! [Updated]



I ran for president and all I got was this lousy blue-collar breakfast.
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  • I ran for president and all I got was this lousy blue-collar breakfast.

So, Quaker State folktronica troupe Black Moth Super Rainbow returns to Exit/In on Wednesday night. And you know what they say about Wednesday, right? (And by "they" I mean The New York Times.) It’s the night single boys and girls are most likely to get laid! Seriously! So there’s two things to get excited about. Ready for a third? Natch. The musical, dorm-y, chillwave-y, super-y, rainbow-y half of that pleasure-teeming double-shot can be all be yours (and a date’s!) for free, but only if you’re fuckin’ funny. I’m talkin’ 'bout a caption contest, people.

You know the drill: Come up with the most clever, sidesplitting caption imaginable for the unfathomably inscrutable image you see above. Post your caption down there in the comments section, and be sure to include your email address in the appropriate field. We won't publish your address, but we'll need it in order to contact our winner. We'll pick our winner on show day, Nov. 7, at 3 p.m., (almost) exactly 48 hours from press time. Be sure to keep an eye on your email. Here’s a recent Black Moth Super Rainbow music video and an even more recent Scene Critic's Pick for inspiration

Oh yeah, and we’re getting topical with this installment. By the time this contest is over, we’ll all know whether or not the two clowns in the image’s foreground will be headed back to Clown College or to (God forbid) The White House. Bear in mind how that might completely date or recontextualize your accompanying caption. Think ahead, because this bout’s winner is likely to be one with a strong command of humor and a prescient grip on the ins and outs of electoral politics, not to mention an ability to follow directions and not forget to include their fucking email address. OK, go!

Update: We have our winner. Thanks for playing!

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