Slideshow: A Gala of Goblins and Ghouls feat. The Features, Heypenny, Tristen and The GoldRoom at Cannery, 10/31/12



Halloween does indeed bring out The Spin's more festive side. While Thanksgiving dinner and Valentine's Day candy aren't particularly our bag, we can totally get behind having a few cocktails with our fellow rock 'n' roll ghouls. Last night, we hit up The Features & Co.'s Gala of Goblins and Ghouls at Cannery Ballroom — where Cream photog Alysse Gafkjen snapped some snazzy shots — and followed that up with The Stone Fox's festivities.

The Spin's notes are a boozy mess, but we can share a few highlights. After a set from the black-clad, grungy heavy rockers The GoldRoom, Tristen and her Ringers played a set of dark, synthy pop that fit well with the frontlady's Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie rig-out. Also, her artificial package was a nice touch. Fellow popsters Heypenny performed a tight set as a half-dozen Crayolas, and hometown heroes The Features ... well, we're not sure there was a theme to their costumes, but frontman Matt Pelham makes for a tasty-looking burger. Over at The Stone Fox, we caught some pretty excellent covers — Casey Weissbuch (Diarrhea Planet's drummer) headed up a sloppily solid Weezer tribute act, and the Roky Erickson band wasn't half bad, as we recall. We applauded the Nirvana outfit for dressing the part and playing the deep cuts (was that "Negative Creep" we heard in there?) — they were awarded the audience vote, and thus the $100 prize. That's all well and good, but we've got something to say! How in the hell wasn't there a Misfits cover band?? On Halloween?!? Well, the Fox threw "Last Caress" into the house music at one point, so at least we finally got to fist-pump along to our favorite baby-killing creeper jam. Sparkle City DJs took over the ones and twos, and we rolled on home shortly thereafter.

Click right here to see the rest of Alysse's photo set from Cannery Ballroom. Stay spooky.

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