New Band Alert: Members of Alabama Shakes, Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks Team up for Thunderbitch [Fresh Tracks]



If you read my recent interview with EDM superstars Skrillex and Pretty Lights, then you know that Skrills himself (aka Sonny Moore) is a fan of local psych-soul rock 'n' rollers Fly Golden Eagle and their collective, Black Tooth Records. The Skrilly one referred to Blacktooth as one of Nashville's many "hidden gems," praising them for the "real cool shit" they're prone to doing. Cool shit like, for instance, FGE's collab with public-access star TV John Langworthy. Or now, this new collaboration from Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard and members of Fly Golden Eagle and Brooklyn's Clear Plastic Masks.

As noted by Cream contributor Sean L. Maloney, Clear Plastic Masks recently performed at The Basement, and they're in town for three months making a record at The Bomb Shelter with Andrija Tokic. Seems as though they've got a little bit of time on their hands, as they popped over to Fly Golden Eagle's BIV Town to record a couple of tunes with Howard and the FGE gang. Under the moniker Thunderbitch, Howard & Co. sloppily tracked a couple of raw rock 'n' roll numbers: "My Baby Is My Guitar" and "I Don't Care." Blacktooth posted the tunes, and we've shared them again below. "Guitar" is a sprawling, five-minute, blues-rocking, impassioned ode to (what else?) Ms. Howard's guitar, and you might detect some sexual undertones there. The far briefer "I Don't Care" is more of an anthem about, well, not giving a shit and the powers of rock 'n' roll.

Listen to "My Baby Is My Guitar" and "I Don't Care" below or over at Thunderbitch's Soundcloud page. If you like the 'Bitch, go ahead and like 'em on Facebook.

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