The Week in Fresh Tracks [Quichenight, Milktooth, 84001, Patrick Baker]



Morning, compadres. A handful of new local jams came across our desk last week, and here now they've spilled all over your Monday morning. Follow me below to hear some fresh tracks from whimsical power-poppers Quichenight, ambitious indie rockers Milktooth, sonic experimentalists 84001 and Halloweeny synth popper Patrick Baker. Check out past weeks in fresh tracks here, and as always, if you've got some new tunes to send our way, drop a line to cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Quichenight, "Scum"

So, local lo-fi witticist Brett Rosenberg and his Quichenight opened up for The Figgs Thursday night at The High Watt. I unfortunately didn't catch it, as I was checking out Poetry Sucks! at Dino's and Steelism's release show at The Basement (both great). As my way of saying "Sorry for missing" — or really, as my way of saying "Hey, listen to this" — check out Quichenight's latest number, "Scum," above or via the Quiche's Soundcloud page. According to Rosenberg, it's "the longest Quichenight recording to date." And according to me, it's a characteristically breezy power-pop tune with plenty of lithe guitar work and big, brainy vocals. "On the horizon," says Rosenberg, "an EP. A feature-length film. The official opening of the Quichenight Building, at Douglas and Gallatin next to the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market." Sounds legit.

Milktooth, Wild Before Our Eyes

As noted by fellow Creamster Adam Gold, local indie rockers Milktooth celebrated the release of their Wild Before Our Eyes just last week. While the fellas of 'Tooth really like covering contemporary indie outfits — as noted here and here — this seven-track collection features all originals. They're heartfelt, ambitious tunes — as noted by Gold in his Critic's Pick, they're songs that recall indie contemporaries like The Walkmen and Arcade Fire. There are some folk flourishes in there as well. Stream Wild above, or download it for $5 over at Milktooth's Bandcamp page.

84001, "[2]" and "[3]"

Ah, 84001. They're right up there with Hammock among my favorite local ambient, experimental post-rock outfits, and they've got a couple of brand-new tracks for us. Named "[2]" and "[3]" — you know how experimental bands are with their "song" titles * — the tunes are beautiful, expansive and cinematic. The 84001 boys stamped the tracks as "ambient folk" and "psychedelic," respectively, which is certainly fair if you're looking for something succinct to label them. But why label them when you can just hit play and enjoy 16 minutes of expressive, wandering soundscapes? Good stuff. Stream both tunes above or at 84001's Soundcloud page. Also, see them live at The Stone Fox on Nov. 11.

* "Song" goes in quotes, because technically it's not a song if there's no singing in it.

Patrick Baker, "Spooky"

Just in time for Halloween, it's a spooky jam by the name of "Spooky," naturally. Local electro-pop maestro Patrick Baker's creation is something like if Ray Parker Jr., Rick James and Gloria Estefan teamed up to do a version of "Thriller" — but wait, that sounds like it might suck pretty bad. OK, this is like a good version of that. I don't know what it is — probably the unabashedly '80s-influenced dance-pop groove of it all — but I'm way in the mood to watch Teen Wolf now. Also, anyone else expect Vincent Price to start talking at the 4:12 mark? Stream or download "Spooky" above or at Baker's Soundcloud page. And while you're at it, have a listen to some of his demos.

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