Steelism 7-Inch Release Feat. Andrew Combs, Caitlin Rose and Evan P. Donohue Tonight at The Basement


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Two weeks back, I spilled some pixels over the excellent guitar-and-steel stylings of local duo Steelism. Their tunes, I said, are "riddled with country-funk riffage, weeping country balladry, sunny, surfy beach-party madness and loping, trad-country wistfulness."

If that indeed sounds like the sort of eclectic and masterful string-plucking dominance you like to see on display, you should probably saunter over to The Basement tonight for Steelism's 7-inch release show. A copy of Steelism's 7-inch — which is out now via Theory 8 and features the numbers "9 to 5 Jive" and "Lewis & Clark" — will be given to each of "the first 100 people who pay at tonight's show," along with a download card for their entire five-song eponymous EP. Yes, I already posted and linked to the EP, but it's just so good, I think I'll share it again. Listen below.

According to some suit from Steelism's label, tonight's show will feature "Caitlin Rose and Andrew Combs playing with Steelism (and a special Steelism headlining set) with Evan P Donahue opening." That's an awful lot of Cream/Scene favorites. Speaking of our faves, Rachel Briggs — who illustrated this week's cover — also made the poster you can see over there on the left.


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