Submit Your Original Christmas Song for ARTDOCS' Fundraising Yuletide Album


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I'll bet that you, dear reader, know at least one full-time artist who is uninsured or under-insured. Hell, there's a decent chance you may be one yourself — especially if you're sitting around reading a music blog in the middle of the day. Well, until the Affordable Care Act kicks all the way in, full-time visual artists, musicians, writers and performers of all sorts don't have a lot of options when it comes to affordable medical coverage. ARTDOCS, however, is in the business of giving those artists options.

ARTDOCS — that's an acronym for Artists Receiving Treatment … Doctors Offering Crucial Services — was founded in New Orleans in 1998, with a Nashville branch opening in 2008. The folks at ARTDOCS define themselves as "a non-profit organization offering medical care to artists with limited resources who do not have medical insurance," and if you're a full-time artist whose income lands at less than twice the federal poverty level (i.e., if you make less than $22,340 annually), you're eligible.

For this holiday season, ARTDOCS Nashville is putting together a collection of tunes to be included on a Christmas-themed sampler, and they're currently looking for submissions from yuletide-minded locals. All of the pertinent info is included in that flier over there to the left, but here's the skinny anyway: Submit your original Christmas tune (no covers, I'm presuming) to artdocssubmission[at]gmail[dot]com by Nov. 8. The ARTDOCS sampler will be posted on Bandcamp, where folks can download the album for a price of their choosing — all of the proceeds will go straight to ARTDOCS. If you have any questions, holler at Landin King (931.252.5472). Again, the deadline is Nov. 8, so get to submittin'.


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