Forget Cassettes' 'Sometimes You're the Bad Guy' [Fresh Vid]



Hey, it's Forget Cassettes week! FC frontlady Beth Cameron just released the first installment of her O Cursa — which we posted here last week — and celebrated with a show on Saturday night at Exit/In. (The Spin will have a recap of Saturday night's festivities shortly. The Spin is in.) There's also a brand-new video for the Cassettes tune "Sometimes You're the Bad Guy," which was directed by Derek Pearson and, um, videographed by videographer Ben Pearson. Watch that above.

The video — shot largely in black and white (spoiler!) at Cameron's place of day-job employment, Marathon Music Works — matches the dark, lonesome tone of the song. There are some mighty impressive shots in there of Cameron crooning directly at the camera slow-motion style, not to mention a sequence in which she fucks up some furnishings bat-wise. The tune itself personally reminds me of brooding '90s trip-hop and electro-rock staples like Portishead and Massive Attack — which, well ... high praise from yours truly. For good measure, I've posted O Cursa I again below, and you can head over to FC's Bandcamp page to pick that up for $4.

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