The Week in Fresh Tracks [Forget Cassettes, Feral Hymns, Jamey Johnson, The GoldRoom, Penicillin Baby, Megajoos]



Who says we have to wait until the end of the week to do a Week in Fresh Tracks post! Not me. I never said that. My stack of "Peep these tunes!" Post-its is reaching critical mass, so let's go ahead and have a listen, shall we? Follow me below to hear the latest from: electronic rockstress Beth Cameron and her Forget Cassettes; top-notch local-meets-Brooklyn indie-rock outfit Feral Hymns; country phenom and Cochranophile Jamey Johnson; heavy-groovin' rockers The GoldRoom; and fuzzy psych outfits Penicillin Baby and Megajoos. As always, if you'd like to slide some fresh tracks our way, shove them in the pipeline via cream[at]nashvillecream[dot]com.

Forget Cassettes, O Cursa I

In the six years since Forget Cassettes' last release, Cassettes frontlady/mastermind Beth Cameron has been a part of projects including Eliza the Arrow and Ponychase. But those of us who recall the Nashville rock scene of the early to mid-Aughts have long wondered if and when Cameron would issue another release under the Cassettes banner. Wonder no longer, fellow fans —¬†Forget Cassettes are back with a brand-new release, O Cursa I. Technically, O Cursa I is the first installment in a staggered release —¬†II drops in November, III in December, and the full O Cursa LP (which includes three additional songs) will be available on vinyl in January via Theory 8 Records. Cameron will be joined by By Lightning! and Poly at her EP release show this Saturday at Exit/In, and we'll have a Critic's Pick on that in this week's forthcoming dead-tree edition of the Scene. But for now, you can stream O Cursa I's three ominous, seething, richly textured electro-rock tunes above, or purchase them at Forget Cassettes' Bandcamp page.

Feral Hymns, Forward Toward Something

Anybody remember Good Gospel Truth? They were a band of Brooklynites (and former Murfreesboroans) featuring a couple members of The Detachment Kit. As former contributor Jeremy Rush once put it, "imagine a really fun Shellac with great melodies." Well, under the name Feral Hymns, GGT members Gieves Anderson and Charles H. Davis III recently joined forces with Nashvillians Joel "Phantom Farmer" McAnulty, Mark Emerson Donnell, the aforementioned Beth Cameron, Jerry Pentecost, Matt Moody, Serai McAnulty, Jordan Caress and Eric Lehning to make a record called Forward Toward Something. (For those keeping track, the album features contributions from current and former members of By Lightning!, De Novo Dahl, Forget Cassettes, Ponychase, Hands Down Eugene, The Detachment Kit, Good Gospel Truth, CCTV, The Non-Commissioned Officers, Tristen's band, Caitlin Rose's band, Korean Is Asian and more.) Side A of Forward was recorded here in Nashville, while all but one track from Side B was done up in Brooklyn. Altogether, it's a folk-, New Wave- and pop-informed record of ramshackle indie-rock with big, fat bass lines and catchy vocal melodies. Anyway, it's good, and it's free. Stream all 10 tracks above or get them for free at Feral Hymns' Bandcamp page.

Jamey Johnson, "Make the World Go Away"

Yesterday, country songster Jamey Johnson released a record of Hank Cochran covers by the name of Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran and played the Ryman in celebration (contributor Jewly Hight penned a fine piece on the album in this past week's issue of the Scene, as it happens). While one of our troops reported to me that Johnson's set last night was surprisingly brief, his take on Cochran's "Make the World Go Away" clocks in at a pretty average 3:03. Anyway, Johnson's version is a true-to-the-original, downtrodden duet with Alison Krauss, and you can download it for free via iTunes right now. For good measure, here's Hank's version.

The GoldRoom, "Kemosabe" and "Cig Flip"

When The GoldRoom released their The Surrounding Hours last year, I was somewhat smitten. What can I say? I like a group of musicians who can utilize urgent delivery and aggressive tones without sacrificing good melody. Well, the 'Room is back with a two-song release, and it's more of that heavy, driving, '90s-inspired indie rock. Stream "Kemosabe" and "Cig Flip" above, or download them for a grand total of $1 over at The GoldRoom's Bandcamp page.

Penicillin Baby, "Government Center"; Megajoos, "Children of the Revolution"

Two weeks ago, I promised you that absurdly monikered locals Penicillin Baby and Megajoos would release their MEGA/BABY split via Favorite Face Records on Oct. 14, and blammo, I did not lie. In addition to PB's "Daddy Drove a Hearse" (which I've listened to about 17 times in two weeks) and Mega's "Gnar Gnar," you can now hear a couple of classic covers from the local psych rockers. Penicillin Baby took on The Modern Lovers' "Government Center," and Megajoos did T. Rex's "Children of the Revolution." Credit where credit is due: Both outfits present unique interpretations of the tunes without sacrificing the songs' original essence. Dig me? Stream all those joints above or via Favorite Face's Soundcloud page, or download them for any price you like right here. Apparently both bands played at Dino's on Sunday (bummer, I spaced it), but you can see future dates here and here.

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