Golden Nugget: Albert Lee on Nashville Now



Happy Monday, party peeps! It’s been almost three whole months since I populated this here blog with an entry in my long-running Golden Nugget series. Can you believe it? Indeed, three months is too long. So, making up for lost time, here’s a freshly uploaded, solidly golden clip of English six-string savant and country hybrid picker par excellence Albert “Mr. Telecaster” Lee ripping it up on a 1982 episode of Nashville Now (always an excellent trove for choice viral nugz). Push play and let Lee make your head spin with his buttery virtuosity. Seriously, if music sounded good to the ears of non-musicians when Yngwie Malmsteen shredded like a banshee, it would sound like this. Be sure to watch the whole damn thing to hear Lee rap about The Hot Band, how he met Emmylou Harris, filling in for Phil Everly, playing with Eric Clapton, The Crickets and more in the interview segment.

Now, pop quiz, hot shots! What does this Nugget have in common with our last Nugget? (Hint: The answer has something to do with geography.)

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