Rza Teams With The Black Keys for 'The Baddest Man Alive'; Plus the Week in Fresh Tracks [Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power, Steelism, BF/GF Sex]



Boy howdy, have I got some strong fresh tracks to share with you guys this week. In addition to a monster collaboration from The Black Keys and RZA, we've also got a bit of raw rock 'n' roll from Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power; diverse, funk-, country- and pop-imbued noodling from the boys of Steelism; and some lascivious pop from sexy sex duo BF/GF Sex. Look back at past weeks in fresh tracks here, and as always, if you've got some tunes for us to peep and share, send them along to cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

The Black Keys and RZA, "The Baddest Man Alive"

Before the dust surrounding the drop of their Tour Rehearsal Tapes EP has even settled, Nashville blues-rock sensations The Black Keys are back with a behemoth of a collab. As reported by RS, Wu Tang leader RZA will release the soundtrack for his forthcoming Kung-Fu-bloodbath film The Man With the Iron Fists on Oct. 23 (see the trailer here), and you can already hear The Black Keys and RZA's track "The Baddest Man Alive" above or via Eating Hip-Hop's Soundcloud page. The Keys and RZA of course already teamed up on Blakroc back in 2009, and "Baddest" is all about fucking with the animal kingdom — spitting in various beasts' faces and having relations with a pair of apes, not to mention jumping off of things butt-naked — and being a generally fearless badass.

Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power, "Motorcycle"

This week, Nashville rock 'n' roll legend Dave Cloud and his Gospel of Power released an album by the name of Live at Gonerfest via Fire Records, and as you'd imagine, it features a recording of Cloud and the Gospel's Gonerfest set at Hi-Tone in Memphis. The set was recorded on Sept. 24, 2010, and among the 10 raw, rugged rock tracks is Cloud's tune "Motorcycle" — it's a thumping, swift-moving, psych-punk number that's from the outsider end of the garage-rock spectrum, and it's all about Cloud's "sweet darling ... chick friend" and his "m-m-m-m-m-motorcycle." Stream it above or via Fire Records' Soundcloud page.

Steelism, Steelism

Familiar with Nashvillians Jeremy Fetzer and Spencer Cullum Jr.? They're a young gun of a guitar-slinger and long-limbed British steel master, respectively, and between them, they've played with Caitlin Rose, Jonny "Corndawg" Fritz, The Deep Vibration and plenty more. The duo also has an outfit of their own called Steelism, and their self-titled debut EP is riddled with country-funk riffage, weeping country balladry, sunny, surfy beach-party madness and loping, trad-country wistfulness. Not only does Steelism display the range of Fetzer and Cullum as players (it's a helluva wide range, as it happens), but it also shows off their knack for crafting stirring and catchy melodies —┬ávocals be damned. Stream all of Steelism above or at Theory 8's Soundcloud page. Seriously though, listen to it. It's good.

BF/GF Sex, "Don't Care (Demo)"

BF/GF Sex is the project of Cannon Kinnard (also known as Kidd Ramius) and Hailey Collier, and if their Facebook page is to be believed, they're into "having sex with each other" and "making music." Sounds legit. Their "Don't Care" demo is a minimalist, bedroom-pop sort of number about (what else?) casual sexual groovin', and you can stream it above or download it over at their Soundcloud page. Perhaps they'll amp up their production a bit, but for now it's some earwormy but bare-bones indie dance pop. Have a listen.

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