Spurgeon's General Warning: Los Angeles, I'm Yours


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Until today, the farthest west I’ve ever been is, technically, Minneapolis. But no more! Right now I’m on a plane headed out to L.A., for the sole purpose of hanging out. It’s Adam Gold’s hometown! (Adam, can I borrow your mom’s car?) Los Angeles, I'm led to believe, is a very popular town for the entertainment industry, at least as far as television and film are concerned. And based on this surely incomplete list, it looks like “songs about Los Angeles” appear to be the third most common pop music theme after “breakup” and “dancing as metaphor for sex.” Snoop Dogg is involved in eight of these L.A. examples: I know, I Command+F’d. Here are the better (i.e., partier) ones.

“California Gurls”, Katy Perry

Surely the best song about California Gurls/Girls, if for no other reason than it doesn’t reduce Southern Girls to nothing more than “the way they talk.” :(

“California Love,” 2Pac and Dr. Dre

New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote a nonsense article about Bruce Springsteen which included the observation that “Millions of people around the world are ferociously attached to Tupac Shakur’s version of Compton.” I asked Sean Maloney, our resident rap expert, just how many raps Tupac did about Compton and he responded, “He was from Oakland. If he mentions it at all, which I doubt, it's fleeting.” So the only reason David Brooks thinks Tupac rapped about Compton is because of the chorus to “California Love,” and Tupac doesn’t even sing the chorus. That David Brooks has heard this song at all is hilarious to me, and the fact that he didn’t feel the need to confirm anything via Google or Sean Maloney is both hilarious and egregious.

Brooks also referred to Brideshead Revisited as a story about an Edwardian manor house, but the Edwardian Era ended in 1910 (or at the start of World War, I if we’re being generous) and the story of Brideshead begins in the 1920s. I mean this stuff is right there on Wikipedia. I should get paid more than David Brooks, is what I’m saying.

“California Sun” Ramones

Perhaps the partiest version, which means it’s the best version.

No hair metal, no Doors, no Randy Newman. I’m going to have a good time.


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