Jack White's 'I'm Shakin'' [Fresh Vid]



You think Jack White's going to make a music video for every track on Blunderbuss? I wouldn't put it past him. This morning at 11 a.m. sharp, White debuted the Dori Oskowitz-directed "I'm Shakin'" — the fourth official video for a tune off of Blunderbuss in the span of eight months. (See also: "Love Interruption," "Sixteen Saltines," "Freedom at 21.")

As you can see above, this clip features both White's all-female live band (The Peacocks) and his all-male live band (The Buzzards) engaged in a sort of sonic duel. Plus there are some dancers here and there. Oh, also, there are two Ruby Amanfus (nice), two Olivia Jeans (also nice) and two Jack Whites. Because that's precisely what the world needs: two of those dudes running around, doing all of the stuff and putting out all of the records. Leave some room for the rest of us, Jack White III Jr. Tonight, White (one of the Jack Whites, anyway) will appear at the Carl Perkins Civil Center in Jackson, Tenn., and The Kills will play his newly reopened Third Man Records here in Nashville.

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