Gardens and Villa w/Hanzelle and Get Better Tonight at The High Watt



It's not just my imagination, right? Gardens and Villa dude is in fact doing the Ian Anderson one-leg pose thing when he busts out his flute solo at 1:35, isn't he? I reckon you get what you pay for when you go to see a pop band featuring a frontman who wears a quiver of bamboo flutes, and if that indeed sounds like something you'd like to pay for, G&V will play The High Watt tonight with locals Hanzelle and Get Better. Contributor Stephen "Goose" Trageser wrote a Critic's Pick on it. Take it away, Goose:

At a glance, it would be easy to write off Gardens and Villa as another bunch of hipsters making bleep-bloopity dance music for suburban white kids. They look thrift-store chic, they call the positive atmosphere in their hometown “coco vibes,” and singer Chris Lynch wears a quiver full of bamboo flutes. But a peek under the surface reveals a talented group that effectively incorporates electronic funk, Reagan-era dance pop and krautrock’s persistent motorik beat into its own distinctive brew. The Prince influence the band claims in interviews does not come across directly in the sound, but it appears when one considers His Purpleness’ facility for incorporating diverse styles rather than just copying them. The group mines some of the same territory as MGMT and Yeasayer, but G&V focus more on laying down a groove than building a wall of electronic ear candy. They play live without computer backing tracks, and from watching several versions of “Orange Blossom” floating around on the Internet, they aim to do much more than simply play the record note for note. —STEPHEN TRAGESER

Starts at 9 p.m., and a walk-up ticket will run you $8.

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