Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Classic Williams, Bohemian Hype Cult, Caveman the Wise, No Stress, BRIT]


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Hey party people, did you read my feature on Aesop Rock? You should, and then you should go to the show, because an Aesop show is as legit as it gets. OK, rant over. I'm feeling much better now, thanks for asking — it's been a weird week. In fact, you might say that I'm feeling "Copacetic" like Classic Williams! (You see what I did there?) "Copacetic" is the first video off of Williams' new re(FLEX)tions album, and it finds our boy Classic in a more smoothed-out, less confrontational zone than his last tape, The Soul of Nigger Charlie. I'm honestly digging this new direction a lot — the flow fits his timbre better, and his new-found maturity has opened up a lot of thematic doors to create a really well-rounded, repeat-listen-worthy album. The sonics run in the deep-electro vein, trading in the big-room club-bangers for a late-night, slow-burn vibe. You can pick up the tape via Bandcamp.

And now on to more partying and bullshitting ...

* First off, somebody give The Smoking Section an award for their DEAR RAPPER, ABANDON THESE EIGHT MARKETING STRATEGIES post. (All-caps intentional.) Wait, it's too late to turn in more awards? Shit. Fuck it, I'll do it. I hereby award TSS Crew the first-ever "Party & Bullsh*t: Thank God Somebody Else Feels This Way" Award. Your prize? Biz Markie videos on YouTube! (It was a last minute sorta thing.)

* Tr3#K#35!!!7R — is that how you spell it? — is back again, this time collaborating with UK MC Dvnny Seth and fellow Bohemian Hype Cult member Pradda on some zero-G future funk. It's from Dvnny Seth's new Prespliffs EP, and you can peep the whole thing on Seth's Soundcloud page.

* Fresh off pimping a popular local singer-songwriter — it didn't work out — Day Old Records are back with a new instrumental hip-hop producer Caveman the Wise and his track "Harold of the Moon." It's more of the buttery, breakbeat-heavy beats we've come to expect from the Day Old crew, and I'm interested to hear what the album holds.

* Some more of that good ol' boom bap! Not The Boom Bap, 'cuz that's a different thing, but if you're the kind of cat who digs a lot of record-surface noise on your beats — that's me! — you'll dig into this beat from No Stress, better known as Paul Horton, piano player for local Latin-jazz outfit El Movimiento. It's exactly the beat you want to hear this afternoon.

* And let's just close this week with a dope flute/horn sample. That seems like a pretty good way to close any week. Here's BRIT's tribute to my favorite thing about college. Have a good weekend, folks!

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