Diamonds Rugs' 'Blue Mountains' and 'Country Mile' [Fresh Vids]



You're probably saying to yourselves, "Wait a second, Diamond Rugs are local?" Well, sorta! John McCauley, also of Deer Tick, lives here now — like ya do — and the Diamond Rugs debut was recorded at Playground in Sylvan Park, so we're going to claim the Rugs as our own. Frankly, it's a slow enough news day, and if approximately three-eighths of the band has local ties, fuck it, why not. Any excuse to post a song about the nudie bar, amiright? Diamond Rug/Black Lip Ian St. Pe takes the lead on the Spin-popped "Blue Mountains," an NSFW trip into, well, clearly places that don't have some bullshit 3-foot rule at the Titty Shack.

"Country Mile," recorded live at The Bell House in Brooklyn and premiered on Relix, sees Dead Confederate's Hardy Morris take the band on a country-grunge run for the best. Incidentally, I've heard Hardy's solo record, and it's great — think Syd Barrett as channeled through a Southern burnout. Very cool stuff. Check out that vid after the jump. Diamond Rugs are playing at Zombie Shop (maybe?) Oct. 29.

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