Third Man Records Announces Building Expansion and Upgrades, October Shows Feat. The Shins, The Kills, Seasick Steve, Olivia Wyatt and More



Anyone who's taken a drive down Seventh Avenue South over the past couple of months has no doubt noticed the construction going on around Jack White's Third Man Records storefront. On Friday, Third Man consigliere and co-founder Ben Swank granted fellow Cream Teamer Adam Gold and myself a little tour of the candy factory, and indeed it's true: Third Man — as they've just announced — has expanded next door to the building that once belonged to Stuttgart Auto Repair, and they've added a Batcave for the Rolling Record Store, public restrooms for attendees of Blue Room shows, a covered wooden patio, a grill (upon which hot dogs will be grilled at every show) and a "record-cutting lathe and vinyl mastering suite that fans will be able to view from inside the Blue Room." That last bit is truly a sight to behold. Also, Third Man will launch a new online store tomorrow, and they've got some special announcements that will come along with that.

But before we get to further details (and pictures — yes, we have pictures) of the whole TMR expansion, there's also a handful of shows that will take place at Third Man throughout the month of October. Let's go ahead and announce those:

Oct. 6, 7 p.m.: The Shins w/Low Cut Connie, $20
TMR's grand re-opening — tickets are on sale at this link. Also, remember that TMR Public Nuisance re-release I mentioned? Oct. 6 marks the first day that will be out, and it will be available on the second Triple Decker Vinyl ever made, "which shall be known as The White Wall Triple Decker."

Oct. 10, 7 p.m.: The Kills w/Two Tears, $20
Longtime Third Man cohorts The Kills play the Blue Room for the first time. "Word on the street," says TMR, "is that they're bringing the Black Rooster Drum Corp along with them."

Oct. 23: The Films of Olivia Wyatt: Staring Into the Sun and The Pierced Heart & The Machete, $10
Rockaway Beach-based filmmaker Olivia Wyatt of the Sublime Frequncies record label and collective will screen two of her "modern day ethno-folk cinema classics."

Oct. 26: Seasick Steve w/Promised Land, $10
Diddley bow master and TMR recording artist Seasick Steve returns, accompanied by swingin' new locals Promised Land.

"The Shins, The Kills and Seasick Steve," says Third Man, "will all be recorded for 'Live at Third Man' LPs, and Promised Land will be recorded for a live 45. Limited Edition Black & Blue split color vinyl Pre-Sales will be available for attendees only after each individual show."

Details on the lathe and mastering suite from the official release:

The thing we are most excited about is our newly installed record cutting lathe and vinyl mastering suite that fans will be able to view from inside the Blue Room. The live experience will be greatly enhanced as fans can not only watch the live show but see the show being recorded, mixed and mastered LIVE to an acetate disc via the viewing window and a two camera monitor system. Making this the ONLY live to acetate venue in the world. Oh, and did we mention the lathe was once in residence at King Records in Cincinnati? That means records from anyone from James Brown, Hank Ballard, Charlie Feathers or any number of incredible artists could have been cut on this machine back in it's heyday. Maybe even the original 'I'm Shakin'" by Little Willie John! All the headline acts in October will be recorded using this new system. We can't wait for everyone to see it in action.

The record-cutting lathe and vinyl mastering suite, as it appears in the Blue Room
  • The record-cutting lathe and vinyl mastering suite, as it appears in the Blue Room

Interior of the new public restrooms
  • Interior of the new public restrooms

There's a toilet on the ceiling of the men's restroom. I'm not kidding.

The Rolling Record Store in its new dwelling place
  • The Rolling Record Store in its new dwelling place

Stairwell in the new building
  • Stairwell in the new building

The TMR crew is staying a bit cagey and off-the-recordy regarding all the things that will be in the new building. Mostly, it's offices and storage and that sort of thing. But there's something in particular on the horizon that I think just about everyone will be pretty excited about.


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