The Week in Fresh Tracks [Matt Moody, Epic Ditch, Good Rester, Financier, Bows and Arrows, Jordan Caress]



All right then. Looks like it's time for another installment of The Week in Fresh Tracks, and this time we've got a great big sampling of top-tier local tunes. Follow me below to hear some psychedelic grooving from Matt Moody, rapid-fire skate punk from Epic Ditch, ambient synth pop from Good Rester, electro-rock from Financier, bedroom indie pop from Bows and Arrows, and introspective folk from Jordan Caress. Have a look at past Weeks in Fresh Tracks here, and if you've got something to share with us, send it along to cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Matt Moody, Capture All the Good

As we noted when he revealed his video for "Capture All the Good" a couple of weeks back, local psych-pop mastermind Matt Moody is a prolific individual. "Capture" is one of the four tunes featured on Mr. Moody's brand-new EP of the same name, and his other outfit, By Lightning!, serves as his backing band on this release. Coming to us from By Lighting!'s Been Struck Records, Capture All the Good captures all the feel-good, positive-minded, '60s-inspired psychedelic rock we tend to expect from the lanky, hirsute songster, but with a bit of diverse influence — the soul-funk strut of "Shining Moments," the sleepy country-rock delivery of "Mistaken," and the fuzzed-out grunge of "A Lot Like You." Good stuff, no surprise. Stream all of Capture All the Good above, or download it for $4 at Moody's Bandcamp page.

Epic Ditch, "I'm Over It" and "No Reverse"

Local rock 'n' roller John Davis is of course best known as the frontman from Superdrag. But with his Epic Ditch, Davis and his cohorts burn through breakneck hardcore skate-punk songs in the vein of Circle Jerks or, really, CJ frontman Keith Morrison's latest outfit, OFF! Ditch just shared a couple of four-track cassette demos that sound like something your mom would have pulled out from under the Vans you wore in ninth grade while she was cleaning out your old closet — and I absolutely mean that in a good way. Together, both songs total less than three minutes in length, so spare a moment to give them a listen above or at ED's Soundcloud page.

Good Rester, Kusamakura EP

Brian Siskind's project Good Rester has an extremely misleading name. Only three weeks after releasing his Momenti EP, he's back with another collection of '80s-channeling, instrumental synth pop. No time for resting. Kusamakura, a cassette EP, features tunes that will totally make you feel like you're in Blade Runner — the soundtrack of which was of course created by ambient/progressive/electronic composer Vangelis. Dreamy stuff. Stream Momenti above, or purchase it for $5 over at Good Rester's Bandcamp page.

Financier, Port of St. Albans EP

So, as I mentioned earlier this week, local stony electro-rockers Financier are new to me, but they're highly diggable. They've just released a two-song EP called Port of St. Albans, and both tracks are dense with fuzzy, pulsing rhythms. Tone-wise, Financier reminds me just slightly of Liars — though Liars are a bit more spazzy and uptempo, where Financier keeps it chilled out. Good stuff. Stream Port of St. Albans above, or download both tunes for free over at Financier's Bandcamp page.

Rodrigo Avendano [Bows and Arrows], Faux Home EP

We haven't heard any fresh material from local shoegaze-y rock 'n' rollers Bows and Arrows in a while, but frontman Rodrigo Avendano (full disclosure: he was once the Cream/Scene intern) has recorded a bit of solo material and posted it to the B+A Bandcamp page. The three-song Faux Home EP was, says Avendano, "recorded in a five-hour overnight binge in between sessions with my friend Brett." There's an Everly Brothers cover in there, plus a shimmery indie-pop original and an introspective, New Wavy ballad. Stream all three tunes above, or download them for free at Bows and Arrows' Bandcamp page.

Jordan Caress, Real Quiet EP

You likely know Jordan Caress from her outfits Ponychase and Korean Is Asian, or maybe as onetime sidewoman for Tristen or Caitlin Rose or a number of other folks. But back in 2008, Caress released a solo EP by the name of Real Quiet. So no, these tracks aren't fresh, per se, but they're available for the first time via Bandcamp. It's thoughtful, lush, down-tempo, folk-, soul- and pop-imbued singer-songwriter fare, and worth a listen. Stream it all above, or download it for $5 over at Caress's Bandcamp page.

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