Hammock's 'Cold Front' Video Looks Spectacular [Fresh Vid]



Are you ready to be hypnotized by some of the most gorgeous imagery you've ever seen in a local music video? I'm hardly being hyperbolic here —¬†Hammock's David Altobelli-directed video for "Cold Front" is absolutely breathtaking.

As I mentioned last week, local post-rock duo Hammock will release their double LP Departure Songs on Oct. 2, and "Cold Front" is one of the tunes from Songs that you can currently stream at Hammock's Bandcamp page. I recommend that — if you care anything about sweeping post-rock soundscapes, beautiful packaging and very talented locals — you go ahead and pre-order that. And here's a challenge to the locals: Let's see who can come up with a video that's anywhere near as stunning as this. Hats off, Hammock. Well done.

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