Caption Contest: Reptar/Rubblebucket/Cherub Ticket Giveaway!



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It's caption contest season! Maybe our Wild Nothing/DIIV giveaway isn't your speed. Fair. Well, how do you feel about shimmery electro-popsters Reptar, worldy dance-popsters Rubblebucket and local grimy-pop duo Cherub? Those three will also be playing on Friday night —¬†at Artist Growth's Celebrate the City event at War Memorial Auditorium, to be specific — and we've been offered not one but two pairs of tickets to give away.

So let's do this. Come up with the most gut-busting caption you can for the image you see above, and post it below in the comments section. Be sure to include your email address in the proper field — we won't publish your address, but we'll need it in order to contact our winners. We'll pick our two favorite captions on Friday (day of show!), so keep an eye your email. If we don't hear from our champs within an hour or two, we'll have to step to our next folks in line. Everybody savvy? All right, go!

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