Pimpin's Big Business: Jota Ese Drops Who's Pimpin' Who, Courtney Jaye? [Fresh Tracks + Fresh Vid]



Hey, it's Monday! Don't that shit suck! After a weekend of wildin' out at The Zombie Shop, The Southern Ground Festival, Nick Lowe and the Ornette Coleman doc over at The Belcourt, my brain is a little fried, and work is not a priority. Luckily, I had the new album-length video from local experimental hip-hop producer Jota Ese sitting in my inbox — if there was ever an excuse to goof off and zone out, this would be it.

Built mostly around samples from the blaxploitation classic The Mack and extended samples from crate-diggin' classics that the rap nerds among us will certainly be able to spot, Jota Ese's Who's Pimpin' Who, Courtney Jaye? is groove-heavy, laid-back and down-low, a mellow ride for your manic Monday. (I wish it was Sunday, because that's my "I ain't puttin' on pants" day.) Not entirely sure why Senor Ese is callin' out local songstress Courtney Jaye with the album title, but it's Monday and I am not in a position to do much thinking. You can stream the entire album in visual-free form below, or download it all for free over at Day Old Records' Bandcamp page.

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