The Ettes' Coco Hames (and Friends) To Open East Nashville Arts and Music Boutique



Coco Hames poses in the window of Fond Object
According to a post on her personal blog, Ettes singer-guitarist Coco Hames and some friends are opening a multifarious arts and music boutique in East Nashville. The retail/gallery space, to be called Fond Object (also the name of The Ettes newly minted DIY record label — “It's new, it's our own, we will be releasing our music and other music we like henceforth in perpetuity ad nauseum," Hames writes of the label), will function as a showcase shop for Ettes drummer and local couturier Poni Silver and a gallery for local artist Rachel Briggs, as well as a record store and record player repair shop.

Hames claims the store, located at 1313 McGavock Pk. (the former location of shuttered doggie daycare center A Bark Above), has already amassed 20,000 vintage LPs to stock.

It's also "a place to come sit in the awesome and massive fenced back yard to watch those Janus Films my awesome friends got me for my 30th,” Hames writes. “The A/C and lights come on tomorrow. Saturday is paint day. We'll open when we're ready. So get ready.”

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