The Week in Fresh Tracks [Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders, Those Darlins, Chelsea Crowell, Derek Hoke]


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It's Friday. I feel like it's time for another installment in The Week in Fresh Tracks. This week, we have some O.G. street punk from Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders, an Iggy cover from punk-country country punks Those Darlins, some wistful folk balladry from Chelsea Crowell and Derek Hoke's sweet-hearted trad country. As always, if you've got a track you'd like to send our way, pass it on down to cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Cy Barkley, "So Bad"

The dudes of local punk outfit Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders were kind enough to share with us the titular cut from their recent Infinity Cat release, So Bad. Out in late July, So Bad features ruthless, sloppy rock 'n' roll that takes its cues from first-generation street punk and Oi!. You know, Brit stuff like Cock Sparrer (or maybe even a sloppier Buzzcocks), American stuff like Anti-Heros. Solid, rapid-fire but not too self-serious, the track "So Bad" is a prime example of Cy & Co.'s O.G. approach to punk rock. Thanks to the guys for sharing that one with us. Get your right-click-save-as on above to hear "So Bad," and if you'd like to purchase the record, do it via Infinity Cat's site.

Those Darlins, "Repo Man"

As recently noted by Mxdwn, American Laundromat Records will release their A Tribute to Repo Man on Sept. 18. The original Repo Man OST of course featured tunes by Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, The Plugz and Iggy Pop, and this tribute features retreads by Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra, Black Francis and Spanish for Hitchhiking, Mike Watt and the Secondmen, Matthew Sweet and — guess who! — local rock 'n' roll darlings Those Darlins. The Darls take on the titular track, which was originally tackled by Iggy himself. Hear Those Darlins' take on "Repo Man" above or at American Laundromat Records' Soundcloud page.

Chelsea Crowell, "I Want My Seven Years Back"

Nashvillian songstress Chelsea Crowell recently recorded a Daytrotter session, and among the tracks was a duet with Faux Ferocious' Jonathan Phillips by the name of "I Want My Seven Years Back." While you have to be a DT member to hear the entire session, Crowell posted the duet in question over on her Soundcloud page. I'm sure Crowell is sick of write-ups wherein her father is referenced, but I get the feeling that this duet may have been right up Rodney's alley — a tender, forlorn country-folk ballad about lost love and lost years. Hear it above or at Chelsea's Soundcloud page.

Derek Hoke, "Sweetheart Letter"

Earlier today, we posted Derek Hoke's 5 Spot-shot video for the tune "Sweetheart Letter." But if you feel like getting it for free in M4A form, it's being offered, ironically enough, over at


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