The Week in Fresh Tracks [Nahnee Bori, Good Rester, The Joy of Painting, Jessie Baylin, Laser Flames on the Great Big News, Wax Fang]



My goodness, we've got an excellent and diverse spread of fresh local jams this week. There's some sweet, experimental electro-pop from Nahnee Bori, some moodier electro-pop from Good Rester, upbeat rock 'n' roll from The Joy of Painting, smooth trad pop from Jessie Baylin, heavy-as-sin metal from Laser Flames and the Great Big News, and triumphant indie rock from Louisville's Wax Fang. To dip back into past Weeks in Fresh Tracks, go ahead and snoop around at this link. And as always, if you've got some new tunes you'd like the world to know about, let us know at cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Nahnee Bori, "Iditarod" Single

So, Cody Uhler. Uhler is one of the two brains behind local pop ensemble Kindercastle. The other brain in that equation belongs to Ross Wariner, whose project Uncle Skeleton frequently features contributions from Uhler. The point? Wariner and Uhler are buddies and they love each other. The real point, however, is that Uhler has his own project called Nahnee Bori, and he's currently offering a single for free download in advance of his forthcoming full-length. As with Uhler's other material, Nahnee Bori is experimental, synth-y electro-pop. It's got all sorts of blipping and blooping alien sounds and big fat drums and bass lines, and it's topped with Uhler's enormously poppy and ambitious vocals. Stream the "Iditarod" single along with two remixes and two B-sides above, or download it all for a price of your choosing at Nahnee Bori's Bandcamp page.

Good Rester, Momenti EP

Brian Siskind, aka Fognode, most recently came to my attention as the new drummer for top-notch local synth-pop outfit Ponychase. Ponychase is good. Anyway, it shouldn't really come as any surprise, then, that Siskind makes excellent, dreamy, ambient electronic music using synthesizers and drum machines. He does it under the name Good Rester, and his new Momenti EP is available digitally or on cassette. Good Rester reminds me a bit of fellow local Makeup and Vanity Set —¬†you know, really dark, mid-tempo, cerebral electronic music that makes me crave another Tron sequel for the soundtrack alone. Stream all of Momenti above, or purchase it (digitally for $7, on cassette for $14) via Good Rester's Bandcamp page. Also, there's a video for the song "Cycling." Watch it here:

The Joy of Painting, "Charades"

The Joy of Painting is one of the many Screen Door-affiliated bands that will play Screen Door's showcase tonight at The End. In that pick I just linked to, I said that The Joy of Painting "makes busy, fun but lyrically wry garage-pop." As if to prove that I'm not just full of beans, The Joy of Painting just released a single by the name of "Charades," and it is indeed wry and fun and poppy, mixing a Southern rock riff with quirky, angular, power-poppy indie rock. Stream it for free or download it over at The Joy of Painting's Bandcamp page.

Jessie Baylin, "Thorns"

Well, I typically reserve The Week in Fresh Tracks for tunes you can download or at least stream for free. But seeing as how I thought so highly of Baylin's Little Spark when it was released, I suppose I can make an exception. Baylin just released the single "Thorns." While she says its being released now because it "didn't have a place" on Spark, "Thorns" is the same sort of dreamy trad pop that was featured on Baylin's full-length. You can download "Thorns" for $0.99 via iTunes.

Laser Flames on the Great Big News, Lambs to the Slaughter EP

I've mentioned before — time and time again, as a matter of fact — that metal just isn't in my wheelhouse. I love hard rock and punk and all sorts of heavy, disjointed stuff, but when it comes to bands that define themselves as "metal," I typically just can't get behind it. That shouldn't stop local metalheads, however, from diving into the new EP from sludgy Middle Tennessean outfit Laser Flames on the Great Big News. Recently digitally released via Canadian label Handshake Inc., the four-song Lambs to the Slaughter features squalling riffs and heavy tones and technical proficiency and coed vocals and some very pretty viola. Stream it above or download it for any choice you like via Handshake Inc.'s Bandcamp page.

Wax Fang, "Mirror, Mirror"

And finally, they're not local, but Louisvillian indie rockers Wax Fang have put in a lot of time here in Music City, and we haven't heard anything from them in a while. So hear their brand-new "Mirror, Mirror" above. Their EP, also titled Mirror, Mirror, will be out Oct. 30 via Karate Body Records

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