Chad Smith To Play Bluebird Cafe Sept. 4



Give it away now.
  • Give it away now.

From the Department of Oh Wait —┬áthe same department in which we previously filed Richard Starkey's CoMu guitar demonstration — comes this little nugget: Chad Smith will play Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe on Sept. 4.

Before all you Pepperheads purchase tickets thinking that Red Hot Chili Peppers' Will Ferrell-looking drummer will provide percussion for an In the Round — or perhaps bust out a couple of Chickenfoot numbers — you should probably know that Chad Smith is also the name of a singer-songwriter who describes himself as a "Tifton, Ga., native with Nashville, Tenn., flavor." I'm betting that's the Chad Smith you'll see if you head to the Bluebird on Tuesday. Also, Red Hot Chili Peppers will be in Athens on Sept. 4. Nevertheless, the artist's rendering above depicts what a performance from RHCP's Chad Smith at the Bluebird might be like. I'm sure the lesser-known Smith is well aware of his name doppelganger, so sorry for rubbin' it in. Hear Chad Smith's "Rubbin' It In" after the jump.

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