The Lonely H Seeks a Cure for 'Chronic Album Dormancy' With Kickstarter Campaign



Retro-rocking locals The Lonely H are at risk of succumbing to Chronic Album Dormancy, or CAD. Chronic Album Dormancy is, of course, "a widespread epidemic contained solely within [The Lonely H]." And if you don't give blue-eyed Nordic prince Mark Fredson and his gang of long-locked rock 'n' rollers some money to record their next album, they might be lost to CAD forever. Drummer Ben Eyestone seems to be the most far-gone.

Right, so you know where this is going: The Lonely H wants to release their already-in-the-can fourth record, but before they can do that, they need to raise the scratch to pay some recording debts, take care of their album artwork and handle both physical and digital distribution. They've launched a Kickstarter campaign — for which they've set a goal of $4,000 — and their deadline is Oct. 7. As per usual with KS campaigns, donations will land you thank-you prizes direct from the band — in this case, rewards run from a postcard to hot pants to a private party and everything in between. Hey, how much do you think it would take to get them to change their name? Not that there's anything wrong with "The Lonely H," per se ... I'm just tired of accidentally saying "The Local H" when I'm talking about them. Anyway, for proof that the boys have already done some serious work on the album — which, by the way, will feature cameos and contributions from locals including Caitlin Rose, Melissa Mathes, Margo Price, Alex Caress, John Painter, Jefferson Crow and The Rolling Stones' saxophonist Bobby Keys — have a look at the video after the jump.

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