Antique Sofa Allegedly Once Owned by Jack White for Sale on Craigslist



Anonymous person on the Internet say this used to be Jack Whites couch
  • Anonymous person on the Internet says this used to be Jack White's couch.

Here’s your chance to (maybe) own a piece of unknown rock ’n’ roll history. In addition to a straight stretch of transcontinental interstate, there are a lot of dark, winding roads between Williamson and Putnam Counties. It’s almost frightening to imagine what kind of journey a garishly upholstered piece of furniture has to make in order to go from sitting in rocker Jack White’s Franklin crib to ending up in, of all places, Cookeville, Tenn. But according to an active, anonymous Cookeville Craigslist poster, that’s exactly what the love seat you see pictured above did. He/she says this antique couch was once White’s, is currently his/hers and could now — goose down cushions and all — be yours for a one-time payment of $450. See the poster’s full proposition after the jump.


So, scoop up this sofa and see who’s jealous, who’s jealous, who’s jealous of you. That is, unless you get ripped off. As you can see, the seller offers no Certificate of Rock Star Post-Ownership beyond his/her word.

Replying to a link of the posting the Cream tweeted at Ben Swank (sent in serendipitous response to Swank’s retweeted link to a story about a soiled and still-skidmarked pair of Elvis Presley’s undies that are bound for the auction block), the Third Man Records co-honcho tweeted some words of caution to prospective furniture buyers:

Speaking of furniture and things that are legit, here's a song:

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